OCA INdex of Policies, procedures, and protocols

Protocols and Sheboygan County EMS Plan

2019 Sheboygan County EMS Medical Treatment Guidelines

2019 Sheboygan County EMS Treatment Guidelines (Medications Breakout)

2018 Sheboygan County EMS Plan (includes Guidelines for Trauma Definition and 2013 Sheboygan County Multi/Mass Casualty Plan)

Human Resources

OCA Employee Handbook

Standard Operating Guidelines

1.0 - Organizational Overview (General Rules and Administration)

  1. Mission, Vision, and Core Values

  2. Just Culture

  3. Organizational Structure

  4. Scope of Practice

  5. Chain of Command (Line of Succession) for Field Operations

  6. Code of Conduct

  7. Code of Conduct for Officers

  8. Professional Appearance Standard

  9. Uniform Policy

  10. Duties and Responsibilities of EMS Field Personnel

  11. Acting Officers

  12. Staff Meetings

  13. QA/Continuous Quality Improvement Plan

  14. PEER Review Policy

  15. Procurement Policy and Procedures

  16. Travel Authorization Policy

  17. Expense Reimbursement Policy

  18. Cell Phone Usage Policy

  19. Electronic Communications Policy

  20. Social Media Policy

  21. Smoking Policy

  22. Pathfinder Program Policy

  23. Adult Ride Along Policy

  24. Dereliction of Duty

  25. Line of Duty Death

  26. HIPAA Compliance Program

  27. Expired Medication (Use of) Policy

  28. Ebola Unexpected Encounter Policy

  29. Exposure Control Plan

2.0 Human Resources

  1. Licensure Requirements

  2. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

  3. Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy

  4. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

  5. Policy Against Harassment

  6. Weapons in the Workplace Policy

  7. Duty Schedule and Shift Assignment

  8. Duty Hours and Attendance Policy

  9. Call Out Policy

  10. Shift Drop/Trade Policy

  11. ETO (Vacation/Time Off Request) Policy

  12. Shift Vacancy/Mandated-Shift Policy

  13. Payroll Administration

  14. Incentive Structure and Shift Differential Policy

  15. Temporary Job Assignment Policy

  16. Secondary Employment and Volunteerism Policy

  17. Change of Status Requests

  18. Performance Management - Demotion Policy

  19. New Hire On-boarding Process

  20. Workman’s Comp Claim Policy

  21. Fitness for Duty Policy

  22. Uniform Allowance Policy

  23. Job Descriptions

3.0 Training

  1. New Hire Orientation Policy

  2. Quarterly Competencies Policy

  3. Officer Core Competencies

  4. Re-Certification Requirements and Procedures

  5. EMS Student Ride Along/Training Procedures

4.0 Facility Safety and Security

  1. Facility Safety/Security: OCA Administrative Safety Plan

  2. Facility Inspection Policy

  3. Carbon Monoxide Metering

  4. Safety Data Sheets

5.0 Operations

  1. Station Duty Assignments

  2. General Station Procedures

  3. General Office Procedures

  4. Communication Systems Policy

  5. Inventory Management Policy and Procedures

  6. EMS Minimum Staffing Requirements

  7. Emergency Holdover and Recall Policy

  8. EMS Resource Management

  9. ICS (Incident Management System)

  10. Driver Qualifications

  11. Vehicle Specifications

  12. Vehicle and Apparatus Designations

  13. Vehicle and Equipment Checks

  14. Reserve Vehicles

  15. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  16. Vehicle Safety and Driver (Ambulance) Operations

  17. Riding Procedures for Patients, Passengers, and Providers

  18. Vehicle Accident and Post-Accident Procedures

  19. Vehicle Breakdown and Malfunction

  20. Vehicle Procurement Process

  21. EMS Equipment Standards and Specifications

  22. EMS Equipment Repair/Replacement Procedures

  23. Lifting Policy

  24. Personnel Accountability Policy

  25. Excessive Heat Policy

  26. Personal Protective Equipment Policy

  27. General Communications Procedures

  28. Supply and Restocking Procedures

  29. Use/Maintenance of Mobile Data Terminals

  30. Hostile Patient’s or Family Members

  31. Care and Handling of Pets and Domestic Animals

  32. Handling of Service Animals

  33. Weapons Discovered in the Course of Care

  34. Bystander Assistance Policy

  35. Transfer of Patient Care

  36. Non-Paramedic Transport of Patients

  37. Patient Personal Property

  38. Storage, Handling, and Custody of Narcotics

  39. Local Hospital Diversion Policy

  40. Patient Care Documentation Policy

  41. Patient Transportation Policy

  42. Medical and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

  43. Transports of Infectious Disease Patients Under Investigation for Ebola

  44. Patient Decontamination Procedures

  45. Staging Procedures

  46. MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) Activation

  47. Mutual Aid Requests

  48. Paramedic Intercept Policy

  49. Requesting a Helicopter/Medevac

  50. Landing Zone Operations

  51. Determination of Death Procedures

  52. Incident Reporting Policy

  53. Personal Injury/Illness Reporting

  54. Near Miss/Sentinel Event Reporting

  55. Special Event Medical Operations

  56. Public Safety During Public Relations Events

  57. Road America Procedures

  58. Special Response Team Operations