Frequently Asked Billing Questions


Q. I didn't call 911 and when the ambulance arrived, I refused transport. Why am I still getting a bill?

A. You are being billed for the activation of the 911 system. The response of emergency medical personnel incurs significant cost even before service is rendered. A police officer or a "good samaritan" who calls 911 on your behalf has no legal responsibility to pay for the service provided to you. Even if you refuse transport, you were still provided with a service by the responding agency. Thus, a service charge to the patient has been authorized when the 911 system is activated. 

Q. Why doesn't Medicare cover activation of the 911 system?

A. Medicare only covers ambulance when a beneficiary is transported. If you were not transported, Medicare will not cover this bill. We are not obligated to submit a claim to Medicare because Medicare does not cover non-transport charges. Therefore, we do not submit this bill to Medicare as a matter of policy.

Q. The EOB from my insurance company says there is an adjustment, how come you are billing me for the remainder?

Orange Cross, like many EMS providers, is not in network with any insurance carrier. Therefore OCA does not accept adjustments from commercial insurance. We like all healthcare providers are required by law to accept Medicare/Medicaid adjustments.

Q. Does Orange Cross Ambulance accept payment plans?

Yes! We recognize that the costs of healthcare can be a burden. Speak with our billing department staff to set up a monthly time-pay plan.