Our Philosophy

Education as the core of excellence in care:

At Orange Cross, we believe that effective training and a drive for new knowledge are at the core of quality practice. It is because of this belief that every new field provider at Orange Cross undergoes a minimum 96 - hour structured Orientation Program designed to maximize your effectiveness in your current licensure level, instill confidence, and impart the unique knowledge we have gained serving our community for over 40 years. Additionally, Orange Cross is committed to ongoing education, performing quarterly competency reviews, and hosting monthly training with hands-on breakout sessions tailored to each licensure level. For information on the OCA new hire orientation program check the Phase 1 - Phase 3 tabs.

Phase 1

We Believe

That an essential part of success working in EMS is the ability to make sound decisions when clear circumstances or guidance are not available. The lives and wellbeing of the people we serve depend on it. In order to do that, the elements that inform good decision making must be present and recalled quickly.

That is why Orange Cross begins our three-phase orientation program with didactic training designed to familiarize you with the tools of your trade, develop familiarity with the environment in which you operate, commit necessary skills to motor memory, and build a foundation for critical thinking in the field. In Phase 1 you can expect to learn about:

  • The regional healthcare system and our role in it

  • Regional geography and resources

  • The systems and equipment OCA uses each day to ensure a reliable response and provide quality care

  • OCA medical protocols and our Medical Director’s Philosophy of Care

  • Foundations of ambulance operations and safety in the field

Phase 2

Learning the Ropes

In Phase 2 you have the opportunity to begin putting your experience and the elements learned in Phase 1 in to practice. Whether you are a new provider or a seasoned practitioner, every system operates differently. In Phase 2, under the supervision of a Field Educator, you will further develop your skills, your knowledge of care under OCA protocols, and your familiarity with the OCA service area as the third member of a crew. This provides you robust support while you work towards taking the lead navigating your new environment. In Phase 2 you will:

  • Begin running calls onboard an OCA Med Unit under Field Educator supervision

  • Develop advanced skills

  • Learn about scene management and resource deployment

  • Develop and tailor your reporting process to the needs of our healthcare partners


Putting it all together

Orange Cross works with many different agencies throughout the community, and it is imperative for our providers to be capable of integrating with those groups quickly and effectively. In Phase 3 you will begin to operate independently and develop your knowledge of integration. You will gain insight into how you can best address High Acuity Low Occurrence situations, how to have the maximum impact with limited resources, and how to manage the pieces of your healthcare team effectively. In Phase 3 you may undergo additional special event or mass casualty training as well as complete the OCA EVOC module.

Continuing education

We are committed to the idea

That as field providers we should never stop learning. With that in mind, OCA offers monthly in-service training covering a range of topics at all provider levels as well as special opportunities for advanced education. We even participate in EMS Evening Education, a fun and casual series hosted by our Medical Director at a local restaurant each year covering a variety of advanced topics from prepping your family for an emergency to speciality care in pediatric transport.